Your Kids Will Never Be Late To School Again With This Rocket Powered Bus

School-Time – The Jet Powered School Bus5

How can anything be more fun than riding a rocket powered bus for school every morning? If this does not get the kids excited, we don’t know what will. A jet powered bus has actually been invented by an Indiana man that can travel as fast as 367 mph.School-Time – The Jet Powered School Bus6

Named as “School Time”, the bus is the invention of petrol head and engineer Paul Stender and Indy boys, his build team. The bus was actually custom built by Paul, because according to him, “There’s no way the original bus could have withstood the speeds.” “A lot of it is hand-crafted and the types of metals used would be more at home on an aircraft,” he added.School-Time – The Jet Powered School Bus4

Flames blast out from the rear of the afterburner when the engine of this 80ft long giant is revved up. The Engine GE J-79 has a power of 42,000hp but it is not fuel efficient. The beast consumes 150 gallons of fuel in just a single run, and because of the huge jet engine, the bus can only house three passengers inside.School-Time – The Jet Powered School Bus3

Stender said he came up with this amazing and awe-inspiring ride for two reasons, “The first is to entertain people, because, come on, it’s a jet bus. The second is to inspire kids to keep away from drugs.”School-Time – The Jet Powered School Bus2

“It’s important for them to have active hobbies and creative interests to keep busy and keep away from bad influences,” he said. “That’s why we wrote our motto on the side of the bus – ‘Jets are hot – drugs are not’. And I guess this is my revenge for all those days riding on the slow journey to school – now it goes at my kind of pace”, Stender added.School-Time – The Jet Powered School Bus

The bus, School Time is presently fascinating the motor fans all over America in its ongoing tour. Despite us hoping that the kids will not be late for school again, we know that this jet-powered bus is not going to be making school trips any time soon.


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