Your iPhone Will Crash If You Set It On This Date

Iphone date crash

Please don’t try this at home! This bug on iPhones has been found that causes the phone’s iOS to go crazy. When this Youtuber attempted to set the iPhone’s date at January 1, 1970, his iPhone crashed completely. It is the date that is the oldest the phone can be adjusted on, and when set, it can’t take it. Here is what happens:

So, the iOS is clearly fried and beware of the trolls. People keep doing this and claim a classic Macintosh GUI is available if you do this. But, what happens is that your software will get warped to that place in time, and you will be left with a soft-bricked phone.
what happens if we set iPhone date 1 January 1970

The reason behind the bug is that UNIX is set from January 1, 1970, at midnight Greenwich, England time. Since USA time is before GMT itself, the system tries to subtract┬ásomething from 00:00:00 and gets crashed in the process. You can see and see the Apple Logo, but the phone wouldn’t load.


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