You Won’t Believe What Happens When A Magnet Is Dropped Through A Copper Pipe

Magnet through a copper pipe

Copper is one of the most expensive metals these days and is famous for its great heat/electricity conducting properties. Copper is not attracted to magnets but super strong magnets interact with copper in a very unique way. If you drop a magnet made of neodymium down through a copper pipe, it will descend as if in slow motion. With increasing pipe or magnet thickness, the descent is further slowed down. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.


  1. R Reply

    I really wish you wouldn’t title these videos the way you do, it makes them seem like click bait. I enjoy these videos, but I didn’t start watching them until I clicked on one by accident. Too many videos are titled the same way, “you won’t believe what happens…..” or “This is amazing……” etc…… then when you watch, it turns out to be nothing all that interesting or an advert. People have gotten numb to the “AMAZING” titles.

    Title them as to what they are, more people will watch them. Stuff like this is cool.

  2. Michael Wright Reply

    In the old rotary dial, step switch telephone offices (Strowger Switch) copper slugged relays were used to make a relay slow to make or slow to break.

  3. Ged Hession Reply

    Lenz’s Law. As the magnet falls thru the copper tube it induces a magnetic field in the copper tube that is equal and opposite to the magnet’s field. Therefore the magnet seems to float thru the tube.

  4. Hallie Reply

    I have been searching for this kind of info for quite some time, but I was incapable to obtain a reputable source as yet.

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