You Won’t Believe That These Photos Are Hand Drawn

realistic_eye (2)

Redosking is an artist from Texas who posts most of his work on the Internet. One of his latest projects includes many drawings of human eye that are so real, that they look like real photographs.

Although many artists have attempted to draw and paint the human eye, Redosking’s efforts go far beyond what other artists have produced. He created these amazing drawings using Prismacolor color pencils, a white gel pen and Faber-Castel Pit artist pen on toned-tan paper. His other works can be seen on his Instagram and his Facebook page features a step by step that includes over a hundred photos that elaborate each step of the process. Check out samples of the eye drawings below and check his Facebook and Instagram for more of his work.

realistic_eye (5) realistic_eye (4) realistic_eye (3) realistic_eye (1)

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