You Won’t Believe That These Are Actually Pencil Drawings

Kohei Ohmori is a Japanese artist who creates drawings which are so similar to real life that it is hard to tell his pencil drawings and photographs apart. At only 23 years of age, this artist is already taking the world of Twitter by storm with his black and white pencil drawings.

(Source: Kohei Ohmori/ Twitter)

The Japanese artist devotes up to 200 hours on a single drawing with a striking attention to detail. His drawings show his steady hand, use of ultra-thin lines and very subtle shading that gives a lifelike appearance. His signature piece is the headshot of British model Sophia Blackbrough and his latest piece is a shiny nut and bolt.

(Source: Kohei Ohmori/ Twitter)

The nut and bolt drawing was only recently completed and it took Ohmori 280 hours to complete. His older brother took pictures of his project and uploaded them to Twitter saying, “My little brother is amazing at drawing these precise pictures with pencil. He was drawing this bolt and nut nonstop, and I could feel a little insanity from him. This one took him 240 hours (still not done). It’s not a photo.”

(Source: Kohei Ohmori/ Twitter)

Ohmori is not alone in creating such realistic masterpieces. A Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley Egbengwu is doing the same in his portraits. Arinze began drawing at the age of 6 and produces pieces that capture the emotions and expressions in a perfect harmony.

(Source: Arinze)

You can take a look at Ohmori’s drawings on his Twitter account and on his Instagram.

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  1. Anne P Reply

    Hyper realistic artwork is certainly impressive but it’s certainly not my cup of tea. I mean really, what is so special about ‘artwork’ that looks like a photograph?

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