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You Will Never Remain Sleeping In Morning With This Alarm Clock

Everybody cannot afford to have a full-time servant or be lucky enough to have an overly dedicated spouse to serve them with bed coffee early morning. So what do you do? You get a gadget for it! The amazing British designer Joshua Renouf has come up with a new alarm clock concept that pours coffee for you when it strikes the dreaded time.

So here you are in a deep sleep, and suddenly your alarm starts banging your head with decibels.

But then you see that delicious hot coffee being poured for you, you immediately forget all about the sleep and sit up to enjoy the bedside coffee.

Once you’ve had it, most of your sleep is gone, and you are ready to work your ass off for another day in no time.

This is what your bedside alarm clock should like from now on. Looks like a chemistry lab set but tastes better than the cafeteria coffee!

This amazing device might end your habit of lying around in bed for good. It has a sugar and coffee holder.

The clock-cum-coffee maker has a compartment for milk and can be used for cream too. It makes coffee as good as the Top 10 Coffee machines.

So, you just have to fill in the coffee ingredients and get ready for a hot cup of Java in the morning. The smell alone could wake me up! So, one of the unsung problems in the world is now rectified. Shut up and take my money, Joshua!