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Aston Martin Announces Luxurious Racing Simulator For $74,000

Aston Martin announced its luxurious gaming simulator for $74,000

Aston Martin has announced the world’s most luxurious and high-end esports racing simulator for a whopping $74000. The company, on its announcement, said that it would be producing only 150 models of AMR-CO1 simulator word-wide.

The pandemic going on from months now has made a lot of giant manufacturers to lay their interests in digital and virtual gaming. In contrast, the outside gaming events were difficult and dangerous to conduct during these times.

In today’s world, where near to everything has shifted towards digital, it went the same for the sporting events, such as football players taking on each other on FIFA and NASCAR turning their racing event to pro-driven esports races. Such happenings might well have urged Aston Martin to bring out their model of unmatched racing simulator.

The high-end car manufacturing company says its AMR-CO1 is not only designed for the virtual world of competing sports but instead is good enough to be used as a racing practice platform for professional race-track drivers.

For the production of their racing simulator, Aston Martin used a helping hand from a British firm ‘Curv Racing Simulators’ and then crafted the machine with an aesthetically lightweight carbon fiber frame.

The latest setup comes equipped with Assetto Corsa software. Aston Martin, in a press release, said that its seating position and the design come with the same legacy as of Aston Martin Valkyrie, which gives it both a premium look and a real hyper-car feel and experience.

Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman said that building the racing simulator was quite challenging for our team. The reason being simple, it isn’t a real racing car; however, it was planned to keep it closely inspired by the actual classy vehicles from Aston Martin.

The AMR-CO1 follows the balances and proportions of its design as any model of Aston Martin belonging to racing lineage. Its elegant design and the Aston Martin badge will make this model stand out in the list of racing simulators.

Its performance in virtual gaming would, for sure, be an unmatched experience. However, we’d stay in the loop with the updates regarding this one to see and to let you know how does this classy and a costly model performs in the market.

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