Wonderful Engineering

Engineers Make the World’s Most Comfortable Stiletto Heels

For all the ladies out here, we introduce you to a marvelously engineered product that can make your lives much better; the World’s most comfortable Stiletto ever! Now this might sound strange to you, but please don’t be skeptical of the inventors. It’s not like you have been used to wearing the most comfortable stilettos ever. More often than not, you are faced with the dilemma of wearing uncomfortable common stilettos.

More often than not, you are faced with the dilemma of wearing uncomfortable common stilettos. They cause numbness in your feet and ankles. They send an unbelievable amount of pain shooting up your legs and make your feet dwindle on concrete. The Stiletto has been designed to minimize the pain and physical injuries associated with these kinds of slim heels.

Thesis Couture, the company behind this heel is a science and technology based setup aiming to provide comfortable engineered fashion products for working women around the globe. It is being led by a former executive of SpaceX, Dolly Singh who has left the Space transport company to pursue a career with better social dividends. She says that the key to creating this heel possible was that she had to present it to engineers in their language and make it an attractive problem for them to solve.

They had to design a structure (the shoe) that supports a secondary structure (human body) with an 180-degree range of motion and a complex center of gravity. She claims that it is scientifically proven fact that use of heels is detrimental for the person’s bones of the feet and back. Although she claims that her shoe is far more comfortable, the shoe doesn’t promise any mystical improvement. It is always going to stay a stiletto, an uncomfortable footwear, but at least it doesn’t have to be a torture device.

Singh uses her experience with aerospace materials to make the heel better in performance. It uses polymers and plastic instead of metal like materials used in other heels. It has a slip-resistant sole, a comfortably cushioned heel bed and a balanced load distribution overall, so your heels and toes don’t get too affected. There are high hopes among the company employees concerning the future usage of this heel. It can carry out a revolution in the fashion industry to address the ergonomic and health concerns.