You Will Never Get Bored Studying At This University

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When we think of college life, the first images that pop into our heads are messy dorm rooms, unappetizing cafeteria food, boring classrooms and dull libraries. The High Point University is the exact opposite of all those thoughts. Located in High Point, North Carolina (the home furnishings capital of the world), the university campus was recently refurbished at a cost of $700 million.

The university has been said to be what a higher education facility would look like if Walt Disney had designed it. Most of the amenities are what one would expect to find at a high-end hotel or resort instead of a place of learning. The campus has beautiful buildings, swimming pools, top-end sports facilities and a first-class restaurant.

The cinema, which shows all the latest features, is free for students and they even get free snacks. There is even an arcade, a putting green, a sports car and even an ice cream truck, all free for the students. The $19 million dollar fraternity and sorority complex, called Greek Village, gives the students a chance to relax and unwind from the stress of exams, presentations and projects. The complex has hot tubs and if those aren’t enough, there are masseuses and puppy therapy to calm one’s nerves.

All of this is made possible by the university’s president,┬áDr Nido R. Qubein, a millionaire entrepreneur who took over eight years ago. Dr Qubein has managed to raise millions to clean up the campus and improve college facilities. He now spends his time leading the university while passing on the lessons he has learned from life to the students. Dr Qubein says that he has planned improvements which will cost a further $2.1 billion and be implemented by 2020. Check out the facilities and perks of the High Point University below.

Free ice-cream truck

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Free cinema that offers complimentary snacks

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Puppy therapy to relieve stress

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The campus has an amazing swimming pool where students can relax

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Campus grounds are immaculate and well-kept

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Students can have fun in the TV room

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Or the arcade

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Students can enjoy a free five-course meal once a week at the restaurant

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High Point University is paradise compared to other colleges

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