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You Think Concorde Is Fast? If Yes, Then You Will be Shocked By This Plane

The aviation hearts sank in 2003 when the last of the remaining Concordes were grounded due to design issues arising from their supersonic travel. Since then, we have been treated to nothing but news regarding possible hypersonic aircraft that might hit the runways in the future if the designers got enough money to build them in the first place. Aircraft manufacturers have continued to fuel the debate on this matter and patented a plethora of designs in the patent office many of which won’t see daylight ever. Many people have also jumped on the bandwagon of patenting designs and two of them have come up with this super-fast jet named Skreemr that can fly at an insane 10 Mach or 10 times faster than the speed of sound.

The Concorde’s maximum speed limit was 2.04 Mach or 2,179 Km and used to take people across the Atlantic in record time. But, the Skreemr will supposedly do the same distance in less than one-fifth the time. The designers Roy Mattison and Charles Bombardier designed the sleek aircraft with some peculiar features. It has four wings, two at the front that are supposedly meant for turning at high speeds. Also, the take-off of the plane is very unusual as it will use a conductive rail acceleration platform to catapult the aircraft towards the sky.

Once in the air, the aircraft will be able to ignite liquid Oxygen or Kerosene oil in its fuel tanks and propel itself to very high altitudes. It has a cruising speed of Mach 4 which is faster than most of the fighter jets available in any country’s defense doctrine. To eventually take it to Mach 10, Scramjet engines could be used. Scramjets are engines in which fluid can flow and combust supersonically. This arrangement makes it easy for the jet to reach these speeds.

Way to go Roy Mattison and Charles Bombardier for yet another innovative patent…..

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