You Really Shouldn’t Buy An iPhone Right Now – Here Is Why

Apple announced Wednesday that it’s hosting a fall event on Sept. 7 that’s most probably for the iPhone 14. It is also expected that the company will introduce new Apple Watches, though the company sometimes separates the events. Bloomberg said the new iPhones could ship as soon as Sept. 16, just a few weeks from now.

Whether you want to have the latest edition or not, it is wise to delay the purchase. Apple usually drops the prices of its year-old iPhones after it launches the new ones. So, you will be saving money.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is going for four new iPhone 14 models this year. It is expected that the models will have a regular version, a bigger-screened version of the regular model for the first time, and two higher-end Pro models with extra bells and whistles.

It is supposed to be a long-term investment. If you want to use it for phones, games, or any other purpose, you’ll want to keep it for a long period. Even if you can’t afford it right now, consider budgeting for it next year. It’ll get software updates for years to come.

The same is the case for the Apple Watch. Apple might introduce a new mid-tier Apple Watch SE model. That was last updated in 2020, so it should be a big upgrade to the budget-friendly model and will likely bring over some features that have been found in more expensive models for the past couple of years. Bloomberg says Apple will bring a new high-end Apple Watch Pro that could be more rugged.

It is your call to make. But there is no harm in waiting!

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