You Now Rent A Boeing 727 Treehouse In Costa Rica

In the Costa Rican jungle, there is a unique treehouse that offers an extraordinary experience for aviation enthusiasts and those seeking breathtaking views. This extraordinary treehouse is crafted from a vintage Boeing 727 aircraft that was no longer in use.

Architect Allan Templeton was inspired by a photoshopped image of a treehouse in a magazine which was completely fake but then decided to turn it into a reality. He acquired a vintage Boeing 727 fuselage that was previously utilized for fire drills.

Although the interior was in poor condition, the aluminum fuselage itself was still in good shape. Templeton purchased it, had it dismantled, and shipped it to Costa Rica. With a massive crane, the fuselage was carefully lifted into the treetops and placed on well-made pedestals.

To prevent the tires from deflating, they were filled with concrete. The front landing gear remains suspended in the air, but a pedestal underneath ensures its stability. A staircase wraps around the front pedestal, leading to a deck and the plane’s side door entrance.

Another deck is situated on the opposite wing, providing guests with an incredible view of the ocean. Both decks are covered by a large canopy, offering shade and protection.

Inside the Boeing 727 treehouse, the entire fuselage is adorned with handcrafted teak. Numerous windows allow natural light to flood in, creating an open and airy atmosphere. There are two air-conditioned bedrooms, one of which boasts two queen-sized beds.

The grand and luxurious bathroom is located within the cockpit itself and features a shower with a large vertical window that has a fascinating view of the jungle. Guests even have access to the original pilot seats.

This remarkable Costa Rican treehouse is currently available for rent on Airbnb at a price of $550 per night. Even if sleeping in a suspended aircraft may not appeal to everyone, it is undeniably an incredibly cool and unique experience.

The engineering and architectural work involved in transforming the Boeing 727 into a treehouse is truly impressive. The panoramic views offered by this unconventional vacation spot are simply unparalleled.

While the idea of sleeping in an airplane may not entice everyone, it is undeniably one of the most intriguing and unforgettable vacation destinations for those unafraid of heights.

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