You Now Ask Elon Musk Anything On Twitter For $4 A Month

On Thursday, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Twitter’s “Super Follows” feature would be rebranded as “Subscriptions.” This new feature would allow users to offer exclusive content, such as long-form text, videos, and subscriber-only Spaces, for a fee to their followers. Subscribers would also receive special badges.

Musk himself is using the “Subscriptions” feature, with a subscription cost of $4 per month according to his Twitter profile. He is offering his subscribers the opportunity to ask him anything once every few weeks.

Celebrities, Media, White House, Refuse To Pay For Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue

Additionally, Musk claimed that for the next 12 months, Twitter would not take any of the money that users make, except for the 30% charge imposed by Apple and Google on iOS and Android.

However, Google contradicted Musk’s statement and informed Reuters that it had reduced its service fee for all subscriptions on Google Play from 30% to 15% the previous year.

Elon Musk stated in a Twitter Spaces interview with BBC News correspondent James Clayton on Wednesday that Twitter was now “roughly breaking even.” This announcement coincided with Twitter’s latest move to generate more revenue.

Since taking over as CEO of Twitter in October, Musk has implemented several new features. Twitter Blue, for example, allows users to obtain a blue checkmark by paying for a monthly membership. He has also reduced the workforce by approximately 80%.

When Insider reached out to Apple and Google for comment outside of regular business hours, they did not respond immediately. While Twitter did respond to the inquiry, their reply was an automated message that did not address the specific question.

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