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You Need To Pay $1000 Each Month To Join The Most Exclusive Social Network In The World

The tagline for the app called Rich Kids says it all:

“Being rich is Boring when nobody sees you!”


Image Source: Rich Kids


Rich Kids is the world’s most exclusive social network and the snobs are charged a hefty sum of $1000 a month to join the social media app. With the advancements in mobile telephony, all anyone needs today is a smart device and a data connection to connect to their social media page and start posting content online. However, rich people like to stay exclusive and sharing the same social media space as the plebs bothers them.

Rich Kids allows the attention-hungry, filthy rich snobbish kids post their content online where they can stand out for sure! Anyone can download and login to the Rich Kids iOS app using their Facebook credentials. However, this only allows them to view the content posted by the Rich Kids. To post content to the ultra-exclusive social media platform, the users have to become a member by paying a fee of $1000 per month. This fee amounts to an annual total of a whopping $12000 only to post the videos and images of your dream lifestyle on social media.


Image Source: Rich Kids


The creators of the Rich Kids think that the exclusivity of the app will attract the potential users:

“We created something different. A new social network where our members can really stand out and be visible in an elegant and meaningful way. Share their life with other users and build a true fan base. Only members of Rich Kids can share photos. To become a member user has to subscribe to Rich Kids Membership. To ensure the quality and exclusivity of our members the membership is set to be $1,000 per month.”

CEO of the Rich Kids, Juraj Ivan promised that one-third of the membership fee will be spent on the ‘education of the poor children.’ Most people believe that it is more an effort to divert the attention from the preposterous concept of the app itself than an act of charity.



Although they might win the attention of some attention-seeking, insecure rich snobs, Evan Luthra deemed the idea idiotic claiming that people don’t get rich by stupidly wasting away their money.

“Speaking from a perspective of a technology entrepreneur and investor, I don’t see an app like this gaining the critical mass it needs to be a viable product. There is no inherent value added for the users except bloating the ego. I don’t see any of my friends or myself actually using the app. One thing you do need to remember is that rich people did not get rich by being dumb with their money. I would rather donate that $12,000 to a charity or even invest in some app that provides real value.”


Image Source: Rich Kids


Unless you are enthralled by going through the posts of the people who think they are superior merely because they are rich, we can’t think of why someone would want to give this app a go!