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Guy Creates The World’s Largest Warship Model With 1 Million Lego Blocks

USS missouri Lego10

I just love the Lego culture spreading throughout the world. People are making lego guns, ships, cars, buildings and other things with pure imagination throughout the world. A Minneapolis-based enthusiast Daniel ‘Dan’ Siskind has just made the world’s largest Lego ship, and it is not any ship, but a piece of history in itself. It is one of the most iconic battleships of the US Navy USS MISSOURI that last saw combat in World War II. 

It took Dan 1 million Lego blocks and to complete the twenty-five and a half feet long ship, and it beat the previous record that was set at Twenty-five feet 1 inches. The ship is nearing completion and only a few of the minor details are missing from the incredibly detailed hull and deck. These incredible photographs show how insane his model would have been to make!

His latest progress includes guns on deck, some funnel caps that were previously missing and a vintage radar on top. Even he can’t believe the kind of project he has forced on himself. He has previously built another model of the ship that was scaled at 1/40th of the original but to break the record; he had to make this latest one that is scaled at 1/ 35. Here you can see the start of his construction and both models laid side by side to compare their length.

It took him one month to make it near to completion. The workbench may seem full of blocks and toys, but this is some robust engineering involved in between to figure out the number of the blocks needed here and there. He initially did this project to display it at Art-a-whirl weekend that took place at Toyworks. He completed most of the hull and the deck on time, and now he plans to finish the superstructure and commission it in his collection.

He added the catapult to make airplanes on board realistic. He even made SC-1 Seahawks that were deployed from the Missouri. His model was so great that the Brickmania team went haywire and made this rendering of the ship. Looks great, huh? Ready to attack the Nazis from the English Channel!