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You Have Been Packing Your Bag The Wrong Way All Your Life. This Hack Will Forever Change the Way You Pack a Bag

You Have Been Packing Your Bag The Wrong Way All Your Life_Image 1

One of the biggest nightmares of the globe trotters is the hassle of packing their belongings. You want to ensure that nothing that might be needed later is left behind, yet you really do not want to tote along that extra carry-on!


Image Source: Business Insider


A Facebook user, Anacleto recently shared a video detailing how a bag should actually be packed. Since being uploaded on Facebook, the video has been watched by over 19 million viewers. The video demonstrates how you can pack your attires for two weeks in a compact carry-on. Watch the video below:

Here is another video

First things first, the woman puts a long-sleeved shirt on the floor. Another shirt is put atop it in opposite direction; the arms of this shirt overlap with those of the shirt underneath. The same procedure is repeated for ten shirts, and one hoodie.

Next, come the pair of pants: three pairs of pants are put on the stack of arms and are then aligned with the middle of the clothes pile. The socks and undergarments go in the middle of the stack. Finally, come the leggings or scarves and the folding begins.


Image Source: Business and Leisure


The only question that pops up in my mind after watching the video is: What if I want to wear the shirt underneath all the pile of clothes??