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Use This Simple Trick To Escape From A Zip-Tie

With the increasing number of crimes every day, it cannot be assumed that the abductions only happen in movies and dramas. This can now happen to anyone at any time. If this happens, you will soon find yourself in a dark room with your hands tied and mouth sealed with duct tape. A commonly used binding instrument is a zip tie.

There are three ways to untie your hands from a zip tie. Learn these methods well, they might help to save your life one day. A YouTube channel Imminent Threat Solutions has shown three proven ways to escape from zip-tie restraints. They know that even though the threat of kidnapping is rare but it is still there and knowing these methods can save your life.

For the first step, they bought the strongest ties available in the market. In case of kidnapping, the captors will definitely go for the strongest materials available in the market.

They point out the small locking bar within the zip-tie that secures the plastic tightening ridges. This is the key to remove the tie. Apply a slight pressure, and the zip-tie will slide off right away.

The locking mechanism can be released easily with only one fingernail. However, this will only work if your fingernails are long. Or your hands are bound in such a way that you can bend your finger back to the safety point and can release the opening.

In case if you have a small piece of metal on you, this method will work even better. The trick is to finagle the metal into a small opening in the lock and release the binding. Smaller the size of the metal piece, the better it will work.

The second way to remove the zip-ties requires a little practice before you perfect it. The YouTube channel demonstrates the method while standing so that viewers can get a closer look at how his hands are bound.

In the next step, he sat on the ground with his feet out in front of him. The key in this escape technique is to keep both your legs in front of you. If you are not in this position, try to bring yourself in this position. Your life depends on this position here.

In the next step, you will need to remove a shoelace from one of your shoes. This lace will be a key to your escape so you better try your captors don’t see this.

Now you should tie a loop in one end of the lace using a slipknot. Make sure the slipknot is secure and won’t come undone under stress. If you don’t know how to tie a slipknot, you can learn that too.

Now you have the loop and slipknot tied on one end and you need to make another one on the other end as well. When you have both loops securely fastened, place one in each of your feet. Before you do this, you also need to take another important step.

Weave the lace through the zip-tie before looping each end of the cord. When you put your feet in the loops it will form a triangular shape. Now you are all set to begin your escape plan using the friction from the lace.

The third method entirely depends on the positioning of your hands while you are bound. The channel owner explains that if you get a chance you should keep your hands in a position where they are side by side.

Your captors might not see this but this positioning gives you enough room to move your hands and slip them free one by one while the ties are still on. If you rotate your right or left wrist to 90 degrees, you should be able to free one hand.

If your hands are tied with one hand over the other, then the things might get a little more complicated. To escape from this one, you need to learn to flex your wrists in such a way that you can slip free from the tie.

When your hands are tied, move your wrists back and forth until one of the palms of your hands are able to lie flat on top of the other fist. It might take you several minutes to do this but don’t give up and keep trying.

Once you have gained the position, pull your wrist as hard as you can through the zip-tie. Give your hand a to and fro motion while you do so. Do keep in mind that this method will hurt and blood will also start dripping from your fingertips but it’s better to escape than to give up.

Let’s have a look at the methods one by one. Method 1, in which you need long nails or a metal object.

Method 2, the one that uses a shoelace to create friction.

Method 3, the method that might hurt you too.

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