You Can Use A Drill To Perform These Amazing Tricks

drill machine hacks

Tool boxes and items are not as dull as they look. These items can come in handy at any time at home only if you know how to make use of them cleverly. The YouTube channel CoolThings often produces such videos which teach its viewers to perform cool tricks using simple household items. This time they came up with different hacks which you can achieve using a drill machine.

  • First one was using sandpaper and pencil to clean the wood plank. The host wrapped sandpaper on a pencil and fixed it inside a drill machine. Using this trick, you can save a lot of time and energy and clean the surface within seconds.
  • Don’t have an egg beater? Don’t worry. Use the drill machine to do the job. The host performed the other trick by using a fork and by turning the driller into an egg beater.
  • For the third thick, he used an empty coke bottle and cut various strips in it. Then he drilled a hole in the cap of the bottle and fixed a nail in it using hot glue. The cap was then attached to its bottle part and fixed there with the glue. This creates a fan which works well when connected to the drilling machine.
  • A hole is made in the sponge, and a nail is fixed in it using a nut. To make sure that the sponge and nail remain intact, the host has used hot glue. Once the glue dried, the nail is fixed in the drill and used to clean laptop keyboard.
  • You can make a strong rope at home using wires. For that, fix one side of the wires inside the drill machine and attach other to a strong end like a table leg. Start the drill machine and let it run till the wires become closely intact. Use a lighter to close them tightly.
  • If you want to make circles on a paper but you don’t have a compass, a drill machine will come in handy. Use a paper clip and attach a small pencil to one side and fix the other to the drill machine. Draw clear and nice circles on the paper.
  • You can drill holes on the wood using an old key and drill machine as well. Scratch the sides of the key where the keyring is attached and fix the other end in the drill machine. Run the machine to drill holes in the wood.
  • Take a jute rope and tie its one end to a nail. Fix the nail to the drill machine and start it to make a ball of jute rope fixed tightly on the nail.
  • You can turn your drill machine into an egg beater by using a pair of scissors and a drill machine.
  • Make loops of jute rope in equal sizes, give a turn at one end and fix it inside the drill machine. When the machine runs, it will turn the loops of the rope into a single and strong rope.
  • Take a nail and make two cuts on two of its edges. Fix the nail in the driller and create holes in the wood using it.
  • Remove the pointy end of the soldering iron and fix it in the driller. Now take sandpaper and run it against the soldering iron to remove the rust.
  • Fix the needle of a syringe in the driller and use it to create holes in the syringe. You can use it to create small holes in the bottles.

Use these clever tricks to perform different tasks at home. Watch the video below to see all the steps involving these tricks.

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