You Can Set This Adventurous Hammock Chair Anywhere

skyfloat hammock seat

The SkyFloat adventure chair can be your ultimate travel companion. It can be packed in a small space, can be carried anywhere. It can be strung up easily into a zero gravity style hammock chair. It can be hanged from a single point and you can spend hours in a cozy suspended chair. The chair is designed by a Munich-based startup Element5. The SkyFloat is a more convenient, portable type of hammock chair.

The SkyFloat chair completely relies on a multi-segment pole to spread the ends of the fabric into a seat. The simple design of the seat is easy to set-up and is comfortable as well. It is also a portable package which you can take with you to any everyday trip. It takes five minutes to set all the pieces together to make a functional seat. During traveling, the collapsible aluminum pole, nylon stretch seat fabric, and webbing pack are put into a stuff sack.

The in-field set up is designed to be quick and simple. It takes as little as 30 seconds once you find the appropriate support like a tree branch. A regular hammock needs a dual point set-up, while the SkyFloat hangs from a single point. The carabiner clips to the 15-foot daisy chain which can be heaved over the support. There is also a separate ceiling mount which can be added for indoors. Element5 says that the basic item behind its comfortable design is the specific shape of its stretchable nylon fabric. When a person lies down in the fabric, it supports both the back and head of that person. The company says that the design supports a variety of sitting positions and all of it can be done without needing any additional frame or adjustment system.

The SkyFloat chair is indeed a unique way to sit on the go and enjoy the coziness. The new hammock chair has crossed its milestone multiple times in the past and raised more than $65,000. The price of the hammock chair costs around $68 per piece and the company will start deliveries in September.

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