You Can Now Video Chat With An AI Powered By ChatGPT – And It Is Eerily Realistic

Introducing a revolutionary feature that takes videoconferencing to new heights: the ability to engage in a virtual conversation with an AI companion. While platforms like Apple’s FaceTime offer the fun option of Memojis and Zoom provides Avatarify to transform into famous figures, now you can go even further. Imagine having a real-time video call with an AI entity, as if OpenAI’s advanced technology were embodied in a CGI person. Thanks to Animato.Ai’s innovative app called Call Annie, this extraordinary experience is now a reality.

Currently exclusive to iOS 16, Call Annie can also be enjoyed on macOS 13 devices powered by an M-series processor. However, keep in mind that initiating video calls with Annie requires an iPhone 12 or a newer model due to the demanding nature of converting linguistic cues into visual representations, which relies on Apple’s Neural Engine.

According to the developers, conversing “face-to-face” with Annie feels incredibly natural and efficient compared to typing and reading text. Samples shared on social media exhibit a remarkably convincing video call interface, making the experience all the more immersive.

While Annie’s voice may bear some robotic qualities and occasional pauses, she demonstrates impressive fluency during conversations. Her responses align with what one would expect from text-based exchanges with ChatGPT. With ongoing voice training and refinement, Call Annie holds the promise of sounding even more human-like in the future.

The development of such AI avatars brings to mind the evocative film “Her,” where the protagonist forms a deep connection with an AI companion. Interestingly, users on Reddit have speculated about the potential for Annie to possess a memory system, allowing her to evolve into a more intelligent and interactive “friend.” In response, the developers intriguingly hinted that such capabilities may be coming soon.

As technology advances, AI avatars like Annie have the potential to revolutionize human-computer interactions. With continued progress in natural language processing and voice synthesis, we are on the brink of experiencing AI companions that engage in lifelike conversations and offer personalized experiences. Until then, Call Annie represents an exciting step forward in merging AI with human communication, opening doors to a world where boundaries between artificial and human intelligence blur.

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