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You Can Now Say Goodbye To Wait Time At Apple Store For Repairs

All of the iPhone owners can actually relate to the fact that dropping your iPhone can feel like falling into an abyss. Why is it so? There are two primary reasons, and reason number one is quite straightforward; you dropped your iPhone! The second one is linked to the logistics of the consequences of dropping your iPhone; you will have to visit Apple Store for the sake of repair.

For years, a visit to the Apple Store has also implied that you will have to wait and make your way through lines of other customers for handing over your broken iPhone along with a fair amount of money to an Apple Store employee. However, Apple stated last week that it would be giving repair shops the required hardware and permission for fixing iPhones. This is a potential game-changer because it takes away the need for going through the excruciatingly Apple Store wait time.

Apple said that this decision would help give access to the most common supplies for iPhones that are out-of-warranty. This includes genuine Apple parts, tools, training, repair manuals, and diagnostics services. In short, all of the pros of an Apple Store. Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer for Apple, said, ‘To better meet our customers’ needs, we’re making it easier for independent providers across the US to tap into the same resources as our Apple Authorized Service Provider network. When a repair is needed, a customer should have confidence the repair is done right. We believe the safest and most reliable repair is one handled by a trained technician using genuine parts that have been properly engineered and rigorously tested.’

Before this announcement was made, only the global network comprising of 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers were allowed to repair iPhones without any consequence. If you allowed any other service to take care of your iPhone, you would end up losing your warranty. The statement has been released after a few weeks after Apple sent out a permanent warning message on iPhones that had their batteries replaced at the hands of the local third-party shop instead of going to Apple Store.

Apple has also said that there is no cost that stores need to pay in order to enter the new program. However, the shops must have an Apple-certified technician who is able to perform the repairs.