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Airbus Unveils Futuristic Interior For Its New Planes

Airbus has recently taken the veils off a new and customizable interior space for the A330 models and is calling it A330neo Airspace. The newly stylized cabin is an upgrade for the existing planes and offers a peek into the future of in-flight interiors that we might be experiencing soon enough. Anyone who suffers from the fear of flying will no doubt appreciate just how calming the entrance of A330neo Airspace is!

The company explained how customizable ceiling patterns enable airlines to set themselves apart while also providing a welcoming ambiance that can be used throughout the flight. The new overhead storage for A330neo Airspace is quite bigger and offers additional space for 66% more bags.

The enhanced spacing optimization implies that passengers will always have enough space above their own seat for their belongings. The premium cabin that has been reserved for first-class and business passengers features fewer seats and won’t require a center stowage, thus making for a spacious environment. Airbus has claimed that its latest cabin design is a win-win for airlines and passengers alike.

In its blog post, Airbus, says that the new design offers ten more seats as compared to the conventional A330 while ‘retaining the same high comfort standards for the passenger.’ So, what allowed Airbus to introduce A330neo Airspace without compromising on comfort? The changes that enabled this optimization to take place include a double lavatory configuration in the center cabin along with Airbus’ ‘Modular Space-Flex’ solutions and PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) lavatories making use of space at the back of the cabin for extra space.

The final change comes in the form of A330neo relocating the flight crew into the Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest. According to Airbus, all of these changes would enable a more comfortable experience for the passengers. Airbus is hopeful that it will be able to stay ahead of the competition by offering benefits to passengers and airlines alike.

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