You Can Now Download All Your Data From Whatsapp


Whatsapp has been adding many new features in its application since the beginning of 2018. The latest feature introduced in Whatsapp will allow the users to request a report for their account information and settings. This request will enable the user to download all the data from Whatsapp.

The feature is called the “Request Account Info” feature and is already in use by Facebook and Instagram. Both these platforms allow their users to download all of their data.

There are few easy steps if you want to use the feature. Go to Whatsapp and open Settings menu. Enter the Account settings from there and select Request Account Info in the Account menu. By clicking on the option you have submitted the request for the report. The report will be available for you to download in three days after submitting the request. Whatsapp says that the request will be considered canceled if the user makes any changes in the account. These changes are like deleting the WhatsApp account or changing the phone number.

Try it out now!


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