You Can Now Control Your Paper Plane Using Your Smartphone Thanks To This Kit

powerup dart paper planes

Paper planes have been around since the beginning of the times perhaps. They are cheap and fun but they also have their limitations. Shai Goitein is a huge fan of paper planes and wanted to make them awesome. So he decided to invent something which can keep the plane in the air for a long time and eventually invented PowerUp Dart.

The PowerUp Dart is a conversion kit for paper planes which can keep them in the air for a long time and is a lot of fun for people who like automated planes and cars. All you need to do is to fold a small paper plane using the provided template, attach it to the dart and fly it. This paper plane can be flown anywhere with impressive accuracy.

The kit of PowerUp Dart comes with a propeller and wing stabilizers. Using these, not only you can take regular flights but can also do barrel rolls in your backyard. The dart uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your smartphone. There are two ways to fly your PowerUp Dart plane. One is by using your smartphone in game-pad mode and the other is by gesture control. You don’t have to be good at video games or require experience flying drones, all you need to do is to maneuver your phone and the plane will follow your gestures to fly.

The PowerUp Dart can be used by people of all ages. You can simply download the app and start flying. The kit is made from carbon and nylon which makes it virtually indestructible. The kit also comes with one year warranty. The dart allows your paper plane to reach a top speed of 25 MPH and has a range of more than 200 ft. The kit also has landing gear for takeoff and landing capability.

Using this add-on, you can fly your plane off the ground as well. It offers six different paper plane designs and each design can perform a range of tasks and tricks. It doesn’t take very long to master the classic fighter jet maneuvers which include wingover, barrel roll, spin, loop and lazy eight. The kit can be charged with a micro USB charger and takes only 25 minutes to charge fully. The plane is so small that it can be flown inside and also doesn’t require a registration under the FAA regulations.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out now!


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