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You Can Get Rid Of That Unwanted Tattoo Using Modern Laser Technology

In recent years it has become somewhat fashionable to use laser beams in the movies and  in nightclubs. In medicine, lasers have been used for the the removal of unwanted hair. However, one of the most useful and novel application of the lasers is to remove the tattoos permanently.

Many people who get themselves tattooed think that those tattoos are with them for rest of their life. However, sometimes as result of an accident or design failure, some people get the worst tattoos ever. For some people, instead of becoming a source of joy, it becomes an embarrassment to have those tattoos.   However, the good news for those people is that the technology is evolving and now there are simple ways to remove those undesirable tattoos using lasers. The video below shows the complete procedure as to how a laser session can remove the tattoo ink. Depending on the size and color of the tattoo, an individual session may be long or short.

One thing must be kept in mind that tattoos can not be removed in one sitting. The number is not set in stone and you will need the advice of a dermatologist to know the exact amount of sessions needed to completely erase the tattoo (in the series How I Met Your Mother, it took 10 sessions to clear the tattoo that the main character had got under the influence of alcohol).

So how it works? This method actually breaks the ink pigments located under the skin with the laser. Once the pigments broken, the body can then get rid of the tattoo in due course of time. There may be small drops of blood appearing during the procedure but there is nothing to worry. In addition, if you apply an anesthetic cream before entering the session, you will only feel a slight tingling effect and some heat!

It’s crazy to see how tattoo is removed so easily in the video. Do you have a tattoo that you would like to get rid of?