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You Can Actually Put A Gas Engine Inside Dodge’s New Electric Muscle Car If You Want

The 2024 Dodge Charger marks a significant evolution in the muscle car landscape, presenting a wealth of fresh innovations and choices. It is offered in electric and gasoline iterations, and notably, it provides the option of two or four doors for the first time, catering to diverse consumer tastes.

Of special mention are the electric variants, which challenge the typical quietness of EVs by delivering an electrifying, loud experience, thanks to intricately designed sound amplification systems.

Setting itself apart from its predecessors, the Charger notably eschews the traditional V8 engine option. Instead, the gasoline models will be outfitted with turbocharged six-cylinder engines, underscoring Dodge’s dedication to pioneering technology while remaining compliant with rigorous emissions standards.

At the forefront stands the flagship model, the fully electric Dodge Charger Daytona Scat Pack, boasting an impressive 670 horsepower produced by two electric motors, ensuring unrivaled performance. Irrespective of power source, all Charger variants feature all-wheel drive, guaranteeing exceptional grip and maneuverability.

Replacing the iconic Challenger and Charger models that defined Dodge’s brand identity, the 2024 Charger marks a significant transition. Dodge proudly embraces its status as a muscle car brand, prioritizing speed and performance over conventional norms of political correctness. CEO Tim Kuniskis emphasizes Dodge’s commitment to using electrification to enhance performance rather than conforming to environmental standards.

Innovative features such as a unique “exhaust” system in electric variants replicate the sound of traditional internal combustion engines, satisfying enthusiasts’ desire for auditory feedback. Despite initial power outputs of 670 horsepower, Dodge’s history suggests potential for even more potent electric variants in the future.

The Charger lineup also includes the 550-horsepower gas-powered Dodge Charger SixPack H.O., appealing to traditional muscle car enthusiasts. Dodge’s strategic decision to offer both gas and electric variants aligns with parent company Stellantis’s global EV strategy, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Production of two-door electric Charger Daytona models is set to begin soon, followed by gas-powered and four-door variants in early 2025. Pricing details for the new Charger lineup are yet to be announced, leaving enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience Dodge’s latest innovation in the muscle car segment.

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