You Can Actually Get A Share Of Google’s $23 Million Settlement – Here Is How


Google is going to have to shell out over $23 million in a class-action settlement. Rumor has it that they secretly shared users’ search terms with third parties. Though Google denies the allegations, they’re still giving out cash to those who’ve been impacted– if you used Google Search or followed a link between 2006 and 2013, you could be eligible for compensation. But don’t dally! You only have until July 31st to submit your claim.

In order to get a slice of the pie from this settlement, you’ll want to check out the Referer Header Settlement site. You can either file your form electronically or print it out and mail it in. Doing so might give you around seven bucks and seventy cents, which may not seem like much– however, it could buy you an extra coffee on Google’s tab. Any way you look at it, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

However, if the procedure for submitting a claim annoys you too much, you do have other choices. You don’t have to participate in the settlement if you choose to do nothing, but you won’t receive any money either. Alternately, you have the option to opt out of the settlement, in which case you won’t get any money but will still be able to take legal action against Google on your own behalf. Last but not least, you have the choice to submit an objection if you don’t agree with the settlement and think it shouldn’t be granted.

Google has also agreed to modify its “FAQs” and “Key Terms” webpages as part of the settlement, with a focus on the disclosure of search queries via referrer headers to third parties. This denotes a step toward improved user privacy and openness.

If you meet the requirements for the settlement, take some time to weigh your choices and determine whether submitting a claim is worthwhile. Even while the financial reward might be minimal, it offers a chance to hold Google responsible for its actions and possibly gain from the settlement. Don’t forget to file your claim by July 31 to ensure your shot for a portion of the $23 million settlement.


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