Yellow Jacket Smartphone Case Converts Your Phone Into A 650,000 Volt Stun Gun


We all want to defend ourselves in case of an assault. However, at times we find ourselves in a fix where we do not have access to a firearm or pepper spray. What to do then? What is one thing that we all have with ourselves? Yes, the smartphone.The Blue button Say hello to our new little friend, Yellow Jacket, which will work as the case for your smartphone while giving you the capability to zap any attacker using the 650 K volt electrode that will show no mercy and as per the claim, is quite capable of ‘halting an aggressive adult male.’

Yello JacketOh and do not worry, it comes with a safety catch that will make sure that this electrode does not end up giving you the ‘shock’ of your life. The electrode is also protected by a cover. That is not the only use of this case though. The case comes with a battery which allows it to charge your phone for 20 hours but don’t worry, it will always keep a reserve of 10 percent which will ensure that the stun gun is readily available, even when your cell is drained.

This gadget is somewhat peculiar and we wondered how the inventor got the inspiration. So we did a little digging and the findings were surprising to say the least. Meet the inventor, Seth Froom. Mr. Seth was robbed in 2012 in his house at gunpoint and he regrets the incident while recalling that his firearm and stun gun were not in his reach when the robbery took place. All that he had was his phone and this is from where he generated the idea of a case that can also work as a stun gun. He said; ‘That night changed my life. Why not take the most common device a person carries – their smartphone – and combine it with a protective element? Every other phone case on the market provides protection for only the phone. Our phone case provides protection for both your phone and you.’

yellow-jacket-iphone-stun-gunAs of now, Yellow Jacket is being sold in US where it is considered legal in 42 states out of the 50. The purchaser must be 18 years old at least to be able to purchase it and must not have a felony record. Moreover, the sole purpose for this purchase needs to be self defense. However, stun guns are considered illegal in UK, resulting in a five years jail sentence. As expected, Yellow Jacket does not offer international shipping and you must make sure that the laws allow you to carry a stun gun before you rush to the store to purchase one.

Yellow-Jacket-Stun-Gun-Case-for-Apple-iPhone-3The usage of Yellow Jacket is simple; remove the cover and pull off the safety. Now press and hold the blue button and go back to watching that movie you were busy with. However, do keep in mind to pull the safety back and replace the cover so that the device does not get activated by mistake.

Yellow-Jacket-stun-gun-iPhone-caseiPhone 4S case was sold last year and this year at the CES 2014, the company has revealed designs for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S models. Work is being done for Samsung Galaxy S4 case as well. The price tag for the original design is $99 and the newer version is available for $149.
You can get one here

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