Yamaha Has Created A 2WD eBike With Power Steering

Yamaha’s foray into the world of 2WD (two-wheel drive) systems for motorcycles has been marked by impressive innovation, even though it never achieved widespread commercial success. The concept of 2WD motorcycles, where power is delivered to both the front and rear wheels, has long intrigued riders, offering enhanced stability and traction in various conditions.

Yamaha, a major player in the motorcycle industry, delved into this technology in the early 90s through a collaboration with Ohlins suspension. Their system, which utilized hydraulic power to drive the front wheel, made its way into limited production in 2004 but wasn’t homologated for road use, leading to its discontinuation due to high costs.

Despite its short-lived commercial stint, the 2WD system garnered admiration from those who experienced it. Riders noted the added cornering stability and agility, even though it somewhat diminished the excitement for some by preventing the rear wheel from spinning wildly. Yamaha claimed a 10% advantage in off-road cornering speed, and it demonstrated its prowess in the 2004 Dakar Rally with rider David Frétigné, who achieved an impressive 7th place overall.

The technology’s performance benefits extended to tarmac-based superbikes as well. A Yamaha R1 equipped with 2WD was notably faster on both wet and dry tracks, offering superior handling and traction. Yamaha’s engineers believed the system could benefit various motorcycle categories, including MotoGP racers, but it failed to gain traction among other manufacturers.

Yamaha has continued to explore 2WD systems in concept bikes over the years, showing a commitment to the idea. Despite the challenges, the company remains innovative and open to unconventional concepts in its pursuit of cutting-edge technology. Yamaha has expanded its interests to include the electric bicycle market. At a recent Japanese Mobility Show expo, Yamaha introduced two intriguing electric bicycles.

One of these is the Y-01W AWD, described as an “adventure eBike.” Featuring a dual motor setup, this bike is equipped for off-road adventures and long-range riding, but it’s labeled as a concept model, raising doubts about its future in production.

Alongside the Y-01W AWD, Yamaha unveiled an even more eccentric idea, the Y-00Z MTB. This electric mountain bike combines an unconventional electric motor placement separate from the pedal crank with electric power steering, creating an off-road bicycle with a wide handlebar and power steering.

While Yamaha’s exploration of 2WD technology in the motorcycle world remains a “what could’ve been” story, its foray into the electric bicycle market demonstrates the company’s willingness to embrace unconventional concepts and push the boundaries of innovation.

Whether these peculiar ideas find their way into mainstream production or remain on the fringes, Yamaha’s commitment to exploration and experimentation is evident, reinforcing its reputation as a pioneering force in various industries.

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