Yahoo Answers Is Shutting Down

What more will 2021 take from us? First LG now Yahoo. It’s a sad day knowing that Yahoo Answers, one of the oldest and longest-running Q&A platforms is shutting down on May 4th. The platform has been operating since 2005 but its popularity has lessened due to the rise of Quora, Reddit, and other sites.

On May 4th, the Yahoo Answers website will start redirecting to the Yahoo homepage and all of the platform’s archives will cease to exist. The news has been announced on the Yahoo Answers homepage. Detailing that starting April 20th, the platform will no longer accept new submissions. They explained in a message sent to existing users that the site was once a key part of their products but it has become less and less popular over the years.

The message also details that users can also request any data they had on the website. This data includes all content generated by the user, their question list, questions, answers list, and any images. However, you will not be able to download other users’ data. The closure of the website will not affect your Yahoo account in any way or if you’re using any other products of Yahoo as well.

All the memes, All the good questions. (sad emoji).

Now, where will I find the worst best answers for my questions or the most mundane conspiracy theories? Yahoo has been seeing a downward descent since it was sold to Verizon Media Group for around $5 billion in 2017.

According to Jason Scott, belonging to Archive Team (a group the preserves old websites), “It’s clear that Verizon bought Yahoo and never wanted to be in the user content business. And every move they’ve been doing has been the most craven corporate, reduced liability, reduced exposure move that they can do.”

Oh well, can’t blame Yahoo. The end of an era.

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