Xiaomi Has Unveiled Its Very Own Robot Dog

This seems eerily similar to the nightmarish robot featured in Black Mirror’s Metalhead episode…

Xiaomi recently unveiled a bio-inspired quadruped robot named CyberDog, taking another mighty step in the ever-increasing realm of technology and robotics. The robot is the company’s first quadrupled robot for the open-source community so developers from different parts of the world can easily build up on the robot and utilize them for their own needs and tasks. The CyberDog is run on the world’s smallest AI supercomputer a.k.a NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX and can be modeled to host a large variety of applications.

According to a blog post published by the Xiaomi team. The robot dog is constructed with 11 high-precision sensors which are utilized in providing quick feedback to guide its movements and navigate around obstacles. Of course, Xiaomi also took full advantage of their smartphone imaging technology and equipped the CyberDog with AI interactive camera sensors, ultra-wide angled cameras, and GPS modules which help the robot to analyze and interact with its environment in real-time. Another cool feature to point out is that the CyberDog can easily detect its owner and follow them around without bumping into obstacles thanks to the human posture and face-recognition tracking. Well as long as it doesn’t forget who is in control, I think we’re good. *nervous laughter*

CyberDog joins the race of robotic dogs which includes Boston Dynamic’s Spot robot and a Chinese firm’s Weila AlphaDog which all utilize the latest robotic technologies and are programmed with the goal to help humans in different disaster situations by providing a quick response. Xiaomi aims to bring its product to the open-source community and team up with “Xiaomi fans, engineers, and robot enthusiasts to jointly explore the immense possibility of CyberDog.” We have yet to see how it unfolds with people’s imaginations allowed to run wild. Just pray it doesn’t end up in an apocalypse…

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