WPA3 To Replace The 14-Year Old WPA2 Protocol For Better Wifi Security

WiFi Alliance is the organization that certifies WiFi products and their standards. It is now rolling out new certification of products to support WPA3. This is the new security protocol that will replace WPA2 which has been in effect since 2004.

You will not feel any changes in the newest protocol as it does not change anything on the user end. However, it incorporates added protection for the devices connected to the network and adds secrecy in addition to preventing offline attacks. This makes it harder for hackers to crack passwords and limits the data that they can view even if they somehow get the passcode.

(Source: PCWorld)

The new protocol will take its time to make its way everywhere as users will have to buy new routers that support WPA3 as it is highly unlikely the current routers will be updated to support the new system. This is also true for the gadgets and the whole world cannot be simply expected to switch to new gadgets.

The WiFi alliance believes that the new protocol will be adopted on a much larger scale a year from now. It has not yet been made mandatory as of yet but will probably be done so in the near future and the devices will have to conform to these regulations if they wish to be WiFi certified.

(Source: The Hacker News)

Even though the WPA2 protocol is around 14 years old, it is very well maintained and updated regularly in order to protect against exploits and attacks. WPA3 will also be maintained in the same way and various companies have already announced that they are adopting WPA3. We will probably be seeing more of it in the near future.

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