Would You Stay In This Old Crane That’s Converted Into A Luxury Hotel In Amsterdam?

Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel 6

Architects from a number of Dutch companies came up with the decision of getting together and doing something about this old and huge crane that weighs 250 tons and is about 50 meters in height. The maritime crane was decades old and qualified as one of the world’s highest and oldest mechanical structures. Present in Amsterdam, the crane was almost faded away when the team of architects got together.Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel

The whole project was looked at with skepticism and in fact labeled as ‘technically impossible’. However, the team still took on the task of transforming the old crane into a hotel. The project was nowhere near easy and the team had to come up with new foundations owing to the fact that the quay of the old wharf was no longer strong enough. The developers spent about one million dollar on the construction of each room and the structure was embedded with a thrust made from gold that allows each suite to rotate with the wind.Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel 2

The construction took 3 years to be completed and the crane transformed into ‘Hotel Faralda’. The hotel has been named after a Dutch heroine, in case you’re wondering. It is located at the NSDM site on the banks of River Ij. The hotel is enjoyed by elite guests from all over the world and allows the guests to get a panoramic view of Amsterdam and the river. It also offers deluxe dining and a private business club for corporate events.Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel 4 Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel 5

Hotel spokesman Edwin Kornman Rudi stated, “Nowhere else in the world is there something as unique, as big and high as this hotel. This has put an end to the fight against the decline of the historic harbor crane. The Grand Dame has finally reached her destination as the most extravagant Crane Hotel in the world.”
Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel 3
Hotel Faralda – Old Crane Converted into Luxury Hotel 6

He further said, “It is also the most talked about wedding location in the Netherlands. We’ve had people getting married in the studio, sleeping in one of the three suites and having their wedding night start in the hot tub at the top of the crane.”Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel, Neveritaweg, Amsterdam, The Netherland

One of the suites (35-sq.meters) has been built in the old engine room and still has its peculiar industrial ambiance, whereas the other two have been given glass facades with an amazing view of the harbor. The crane even has a TV studio that is employed for music promotions and high-profile television.NETHERLANDS-CRANE-HOTEL

One night’s stay will cost you $500 and considering the experience it promises you, we’d say the price isn’t too much. So, what do you think?

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