World’s Tallest Water slide Is 17 Stories High

World's tallest 17 story water slide

Schlitterbahn is one of the world’s most famous water parks. It is well known for it’s insane ideas for rides which are not targeted to appeal the faint of heart. Most of these rides are every thrill seeker’s dream and a nightmare for others. Their latest project may just prove to be the crowned jewel of insane water park rides.

The Verrückt, German for "insanity," aims to the world's tallest water slide (Schlitterbahn)

The Verrückt (German for “Insane”) is a 17 story tall water slide, which will be opened in Schlitterbahn’s Kansas City location in May, 2014. It is the company’s most ambitious project and will set the record for World’s Tallest Water Slide. Currently the tallest water slide is the 14 story tall “Insano”, located in Brazil. The Insano carries riders at speeds of over 60 mph, so the speed in the Verrückt can only be greater.

Designer, Jeff Henry, promises that the water slide will be the tallest, steepest and fastest yet. He refuses to give away any details before the ride is officially complete, but said in a statement, “Our greatest challenge will be to find thrill seekers brave enough to ride.” One of the main differences between the Verrückt and the Insano is the way the people will travel down the ride. In Insano people went solo, whereas in the Verrückt they will travel in rafts carrying four people. The purpose of this is not only so that people can share the experience, but also to prevent any unpleasant skin burns.


Henry was right when he claimed that this ride “is going to be a game changer for our industry”. The thrill of the new 17 story water slide is sure to diminish the excitement of any ride similar to it.

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