World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel Will Soon Open In China

8 shaped ferris wheel China7

The Studio City resort in Macau, China will soon unveil the first “8” shaped Ferris wheel ever built. It has been named golden reel because of its appearance and it is undergoing final tests before being introduced to the public. It is the first Ferris wheel of this kind and will hold the title of the highest one in Asia.

The fantastic thing about the new Ferris wheel is that it is not a stand-alone structure as it sits comfortably between the two large pillars of the Mammoth Studio City Building. The parent building is a 3.2 billion dollar building with a luxury hotel, restaurant, shopping mall and gaming areas. It also houses a 5,000 seat entertainment venue that can be used for multiple purposes. A family entertainment center spanning 40,000 square feet is also part of the project.

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To add extra flair to the already top class piece of Civil Engineering, the innovative Golden Reel was made. Its center is at a height of 130 meters from the ground that gives extra elevation to the joyriders. Even the lower levels will be at some distance adding to the solid appeal of the ride. The design of the building itself was inspired by a movie in which two flaming asteroids strike a building and leave an eight shaped crater behind.

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The ride can be accessed from the 23rd floor, so it is not for the Faint-hearted. It has 17 pods built in a┬ápunk steam style that present a memorable ride with breathtaking views from all over the Macau city. A ride lasts a good fifteen minutes so you won’t have to worry about your turn ending as soon as you strap yourself up.

8 shaped ferris wheel China

The wheel is complete in every aspect, and it is undergoing final testing at the moment. Macau city will introduce its latest attraction in the end months of this year. Such experiences are rare in reality as the wheel is not present in a Joyland, but a beautiful elevated building. You can enjoy great views, have a ride and be back to where you belong in the building. The hotels, entertainment areas, and shopping malls are all in the compound. Pretty cool, Han?

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