World’s Largest Elevator Can Lift Ships Weighing Up To 6.7 Million Pounds


From building the world’s largest telescope to the highest and the longest glass bridge in the world, the Chinese engineers have proven their mettle and skills time and again. The latest feat of engineering from China is the world’s largest elevator that can lift weights up to a whopping 6.7 million pounds!

The need for the elevator was felt when a 600-feet Three Gorges Dam was constructed in the Hubei province of China, making it impossible for the ships to navigate the abrupt, extreme difference in the water depth on the either side of the dam.



To solve the problem, the Chinese engineers constructed the world’s largest elevator weighing 15500 tonnes and can lift the freighters to a height of 370 feet.

The elevator can lift up a ship weighing up to 6.7 million pounds and will enhance the shipping capacity of the dam by six million tonnes annually.


Image Source: CCTV


Previously, the ships spent three long hours navigating the dam. The elevator has reduced the navigation time to a mere 40 minutes.

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