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World’s First Smart In-Ear Gadget Translates Foreign Languages In Real-Time

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The latest technology aims to bring people closer by removing the language barrier between them.

Pilot earphones bring the Babel Fish from the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ to real life by enabling two linguistically different people to understand each other.


Image Source: BBC


The gadget will be hit the retails in Autumn’16 and will connect the people speaking English, French, Spanish and Italian. Pilot is priced at $129 and will soon be available for pre-orders via the company’s official website.

Pilot connects two persons, speaking different languages, and translates their speech in real time. The device is allegedly the first smart in-ear gadget which can readily convert speech from one language to the other in real time. A technician of Waverly Labs, the developers of this technology, hit upon the idea when he met a French girl and could not communicate with her due to the language barrier.


Image Source: Waverly Labs


The New York-based company has not explained the working of the device in detail and satisfied the queries saying that the device employs a translation technology incorporated within the app.

Currently, the gadget can only be used for communication between two people fitted with the earpiece. The company’s official website proclaims:

“This little wearable uses translation technology to allow two people to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other.”

The company has big plans for the future and aims to make a ubiquitous device capable of translating everything around you as you travel around the world. The Pilot production batch will be available in three colors.


Image Source: Waverly Labs


The crowdfunding campaign for the company will be launched on Indiegogo on 25th May, offering an Early Bird discount on the pre-orders of the device. The device is expected to go for $250 to $300.

Meanwhile, other companies including Google, Skype and Microsoft are also working on the design of systems to provide the translation services in real time.

It seems as if the days of getting lost in the French streets are finally over!