World’s Fastest Electric Car Just Broke Its Own Record


Six months ago we bid Nio EP9 as possibly the fastest electric car out there, and the NextEV beauty hasn’t disappointed as it just smashed one of its own speed records at Germany’s most difficult track.

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The Nio EP9 made history as it completed a lap around the Nürburgring car racing track in Germany in just 6:45:9, which is an improvement of over 20 seconds on their own record of 7:05:12 set in 2016. Watch the video below to know why driving on this track is no simple feat,

In a statement, NIO United States CEO Padmasree Warrior said,

“As a company, we were born to push limits. Setting and breaking records with our EP9 is for the sole purpose to show the world that we have the automotive and technical expertise to succeed in the global automotive market.”

Image via Nio

“Our vision is to be the best of the next generation of car companies by producing the smartest vehicles in the world.”

Image via Nio

EP9 car clock 124 mph from zero in 7.1 seconds and makes people “feel positive again about owning a car,” according to the manufacturers. But these positive vibes would only be restricted to a few since Nio only plans to produce 10 EP9s, each costing $1.48 million. But the superior construction and technology of the vehicle mean this won’t be the last record breaking news we’ll hear about this beast.


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