Watch The Technique Of The World’s Fastest Card Thrower In Slow Motion


Rick Smith Jr. is the world’s fastest card thrower. He throws cards at such a speed that they can pierce the skin of a watermelon. He throws cards at an impressive 90 km/hour. The Slow Mo Guys captured his impressive technique in an equally impressive slow-motion video.

You can check out the video here:


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  1. Amazed Reply

    This reminds me of a “kung fu” show I saw in China over 30 years ago. A performer threw those cheap, disposable wooden chopsticks that you get in low end Chinese restaurants so fast that they penetrated a thin, wood board. As one of the few non-chinese spectators, I was invited onstage to try to replicate the trick. As nearly as I could, I copied every part of the technique that I saw the performer do (and he also tried to give me pointers). My chopstick hit the board and ricocheted about 10 yards into the spectator stands. At the time, I thought there must be some hidden trick to the stunt. Could it be that the performer had simply mastered the skill of throwing the chopstick ultra fast just like your card thrower?

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