Company Builds A Custom Electric BMW That Can Travel 1600 km On A Single Charge

Electric vehicles have gotten into the good graces of everyone by offering an alternative to fuel and cleaning the environment. But, nobody talks about the electric waste they leave behind in their wake. IT Asset Partners Inc (ITAP), a hybrid recycling plant in California has just built a BMW from 90% recycled parts and it went on to break a world record.

The electric vehicle is capable of traveling 1,600 km on a single battery charge and broke the previous world record of 1,298 km set in Japan in 2013. The car is known as The Phoenix and is a modified BMW built from 90% recycled parts. It only costs $13,000 and is less than half of what the cheapest Tesla costs.

The company is not looking to join the market anytime soon and claim that they demonstrated this to emphasize the good recycling electronic waste could do. “The purpose of The Phoenix is to showcase hybrid recycling and demonstrate to the world the amazing possibilities and potential derived from electronic waste recycling,” an ITAP spokesman told The Sun.

(Source: Inhabitat)

This record-breaking vehicle perfectly explains the importance of recycling. “Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the United States, yet our country lacks a real solution to efficiently process this waste system,” explained the spokesman.

This might see a change in trend towards electronic waste and more companies might follow the example of ITAP and putting it to a good use.

You can see the record-breaking vehicle here:

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