Here Is What The World Will Look Like When It Gets 4 Degrees Celsius Warmer

Many people continue to deny the reality of global warming, but the sooner we all accept it, the better the condition of our planet. The peak temperatures in many parts of the world are rising, and Los Angeles is even painting its streets white to battle the scorching heat. The temperatures are bound to rise, and the world is going to change drastically. Imagine the world that is 4 degrees warmer than it is now? Does not sound like too much of a difference, does it?

If you transport to a time where the earth is 4-degree Celsius warmer than today, you may not even recognize it. Micronesia will sink beneath the waves, Pakistan and South India will abandon, and Europe will turn into a desert. Absolute nightmares!

On the brighter side, Western Antarctica will become more habitable with its lands turning less icy. It will become home to the new green smart cities and heavenly islands while the areas of Northern Canada, Scandinavia, and Siberia will be harvesting food for hundreds of millions of refugees as the result of climate change.

The idea of Antarctica turning green is no fiction because reports have confirmed that Antarctica is turning greener day by day.

Image: New Scientist

These maps are the absolute nightmares for the entire world living in the south. Keep a hand on your heart and continue studying the map in detail. The brown part of the map will be ‘Uninhabitable due to floods, drought, or extreme weather.’ Moving on to the orange part, it represents ‘Uninhabitable desert,’ but the light green zones represent the ‘Food growing areas.’

Many of the abandoned places will no longer be habitable, but they will still be used as solar farms and geothermal energy. A lot of the energy needs of the planet will be supplied by giant wind farms off the coasts of Alaska and South America in the  North Sea.

The first to publish the frightening maps was the New Scientist, and then it was published in the book Connectography by Parag Khanna.

Perhaps Greenland was not named wrong at all?

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