Wondering What’s Written On The Sidewall Of Your Car’s Tire? Mystery Solved

Hello there, have you ever wondered what the mysterious writing on the tires of your car is? The area where this writing is present is known as the sidewall of the tire and conveys important info about your type. For instance, what does 235/35R20 mean? What does ZR stand for and what on earth is a tread-wear rating? What do you mean by a temperature grade and what is a traction grade? Don’t worry though; we have Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained all set to explain to you how to read the sidewalls of your tires.

Learn How To Read The Sidewalls Of A Tire In This Video!

Did you know that sidewalls can help you learn about load rating, speed rating, and even DOT badge? The car tires can prove to be quite confusing if you are trying to decide what is written on them with both metric and SAE units present on them. The nomenclature is complicated, at its very best. However, Jason Fenske, our favorite car guy is here to explain what it all means.

You can see him talking about the most common markings that can be found on the car tires’ sidewalls. For those of you who are not aware; Jason Fenske is known for his amazing explanation style and his love and passion for cars. The guy loves making videos that are educational and fun about cars and various systems and phenomena about them. Even in this video, he can be seen making use of his amazing talent and explaining another thing about cars while making it all sound super-interesting.

Learn How To Read The Sidewalls Of A Tire In This Video!

Once you have learned how to read the sidewalls of your tires, you can find out really useful information about the tires by just looking at them. Apart from letting you know about the model and tire brand, the sidewalls also impart critical information including the size and capacity of the tire type, construction, size, and other amazing features. Check out the video from Engineering Explained below and let us know what you think of it!

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