Woman Uses Deepfake To Frame Daughter’s Cheerleading Rivals

A mother used a deepfake tool to create explicit pictures of her daughter’s cheerleading team rivals. Pictures from cheerleader’s social accounts were re-created with images of nude females involved in substance violence.

The fake images were created to get the cheerleaders kicked out of the “Victory Vipers Team”. This shameful act of creating their explicit images and sharing those with the team’s coach was carried out just because they belong to the rival team.

Now, as per the latest news, Mrs. Spone is facing multiple charges on her act of harassment. She has also been also accounted for sending indecent and abusive messages to the cheerleading gym team and owners. Those messages were sent using anonymous and fake phone numbers while trying not to get caught.

As per the investigations by the Bucks Country Police, the girl for whom the actions were committed wasn’t aware of her mothers’ alleged harassment acts.

The parents of the cheerleaders came forward with their complaints earlier as well. They reported their daughters receiving harassing text messages from unknown numbers.

The involved police department and investigating authorities tracked the cell number that sent the harassing messages. It got them to a website that sells numbers to call sales organizations. Later, that data helped in tracing down an IP address that reached Mrs. Spone’s home.

“Victory Vipers has always promoted a family environment, and we are sorry for all individuals involved. We have very well-established policies and a stringent anti-bullying policy in our program. When this incident came to our attention last year, we immediately initiated our own internal investigation and took the appropriate action at the time. This incident happened outside of our gym.” stated coach Mark McTague.

Deepfake has been under question before for the kind of misuse it allows its users with. However, other relevant software is under process to be made public. It would be effortless to know whether an image is original or created using ‘deepfake tool’ technology.

“The two eyes should have very similar reflective patterns because they see the same thing,” said Lead author Siwei Lyu, working on the software for detecting the use of Deepfake tool. “It’s something that we typically don’t typically notice when we look at a face.”

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