Chinese Woman Caught Smuggling 102 iPhones At The Airport And Still Failed To Break The Record

Smuggling 102 iPhones via an international airport’s customs is a bad idea, and it’s even worse if you simply tape them to your body and hope to hide them under your clothes!

Astonishingly, the folly of the plan didn’t dawn upon this Shenzhen woman, who was caught red-handed, while trying to sneak 102 iPhones from Hong Kong into mainland China. Apparently, this is a common occurrence, since Shenzhen hosts iPhone’s infamous Foxconn manufacturing plant and the devices are cheaper in the area.


According to XMNN,

 “Custom officials suspected the woman might be smuggling something, because she was wearing a cardigan over her blouse despite the heat, and she had an awkward bulky look to her upper body despite “arms and legs [that were] relatively slim.”

A full body search of the woman revealed a whopping 102 iPhone sets strapped under her clothes. The woman was carrying 40 pounds over her original weight, which must have sparked suspicion for a woman of her stature.

If that didn’t tick the officials, the sheer bloated appearance of her torso, when compared with rest of the body was enough to raise suspicion.

Photos of the smuggler show different iPhones of all models and colors, so she was surely taking tens of thousands of dollars worth phones, meaning there must be a massive mafia involved behind this operation.


Surprisingly though, the latest smuggling attempt doesn’t even hold the unofficial record for the most smuggled iPhones caught at Shenzhen. While she beat the guy caught with 94 iPhone back in 2015, the “record” belongs to a man arrested in the same year, who was taking 146 iPhone strapped to his body!

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