Woman Steals iPhone By Chewing Through Store’s Anti-Theft Cord


In a bizarre incident recently unfolded in Fujian province, southern China, a woman identified as Ms. Qiu found herself in legal trouble after resorting to a rather unconventional method to acquire an iPhone 14 Plus worth $960.

The daring theft took place at an Apple store in Fujian province, where Ms. Qiu attempted to make off with the iPhone 14 Plus by biting and chewing through its anti-theft cable. Within half an hour of leaving the store with the stolen device, she was apprehended by the police.

Surveillance footage of the incident has since gone viral on Chinese social media platforms. The video shows Ms. Qiu approaching the smartphone display stand and, after a brief examination, leaning on the counter to nibble on the security cable multiple times. She then stealthily places the phone in her bag before calmly exiting the store.

Store manager Wang revealed that an alarm was triggered during the theft, though the investigating employees initially found nothing amiss. This deceptive act was further elaborated on by Police Officer Zhang Jinhong, who stated that Ms. Qiu went to great lengths to appear as an ordinary customer, even pretending to scroll through the phone’s screen. However, once she left the store, employees discovered the chewed cable and the missing phone, prompting them to contact the authorities. Subsequent examination of security camera footage confirmed the theft, leading to Ms. Qiu’s arrest outside her residence.

Ms. Qiu’s motive for her peculiar actions was disclosed to the police. She explained that she initially intended to purchase a new phone to replace her lost one. However, upon seeing the high price of the iPhone 14 Plus, she decided to resort to theft. She is currently in police custody pending the completion of the investigation.

The incident has left many incredulous, with one person remarking, “Doesn’t she know there are security cameras everywhere?”

This peculiar case serves as a reminder of the vigilance and security measures in place within retail establishments, emphasizing that attempting such audacious acts in the presence of surveillance cameras is hardly a foolproof plan.


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