Woman Says She Held 16 Jobs Simultaneously For Three Years – Never Actually Did Any Work

In a jaw-dropping case of wage theft, a Chinese woman named Guan Yue has recently been apprehended for orchestrating a massive fraud scheme, ultimately enabling her to purchase a luxurious villa in Shanghai. Her audacious deception involved holding down an astonishing 16 jobs simultaneously, all without ever setting foot in her supposed workplaces.

Guan Yue’s astounding feat of simultaneously managing 16 jobs was made possible through a web of calculated deceit. She ingeniously applied for new positions even while already gainfully employed by one or more companies. During her job interviews, she went the extra mile by taking photographs, which she then deceitfully shared with her existing employers, claiming they were snapshots from crucial client meetings. The irony reached its peak when she was arrested mid-interview for yet another job opportunity.

This intricate fraud operation also involved Guan Yue’s husband, Chen Qiang, as an accomplice. Together, they meticulously maintained comprehensive records tracking their multiple employments. These records included the initiation dates of her work at various organizations, the bank accounts used for each employer, her designated role in each company, and more.

Over a span of three years, this crafty couple managed to accumulate enough ill-gotten gains to purchase a villa in Shanghai. They exhibited an unwavering commitment to their fraudulent enterprise, never turning down any job offers. When overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks, they would conveniently delegate them to others while earning a commission on these secondary transactions.

However, their audacious scheme began to unravel in January when an astute employer, tech company owner Liu Jian, identified inconsistencies in Guan Yue’s paperwork. Jian’s company had employed Guan Yue and seven of her supposed colleagues. After three months of probation, the team failed to deliver a single sale and was subsequently dismissed.

The pivotal moment came when, following her departure from Jian’s company, Guan Yue inadvertently sent her resignation notice for another organization to multiple work groups, including one with Liu Jian. Suspicion arose as Jian noticed that Yue’s resignation date coincided with the period she was supposed to be actively working for his firm.

Driven by his suspicions, Jian promptly contacted the authorities, setting in motion the exposure of the fraudulent operation. An ensuing investigation uncovered the shocking extent of Guan Yue’s deceit, including her possession of multiple identity cards and bank accounts where she received salaries from numerous different organizations. The total amount of money involved in her elaborate scam exceeded an astonishing 50 million yuan.

As a result of their elaborate wage theft operation, Guan Yue, her husband Chen Qiang, and over 50 of their associates implicated in the fraudulent salary scheme have all been arrested.

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