Woman Keeps A Happy Meal Untouched For 6 Years. The End Result Will Shock You

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food 2

A mother claims to have carried out an experiment that involves a McDonald’s Happy Meal. She left it untouched for 6 years in order to ascertain if it decomposes and the results are more than just shocking.This Is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food

Jennifer Lovdahl from Alaska has posted a Facebook status regarding a meal that she bought from the McDonald’s back in 2010. The status reads, “It’s been 6 years since I bought this “Happy Meal” at McDonald’s. It’s been sitting at our office this whole time.”This Is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food 4

What’s so shocking? The attached pictures show that the meal has hardly changed over the course of 6 years. She says, “[It] has not rotted, moulded, or decomposed at all!!! It smells only of cardboard. We did this experiment to show our patients how unhealthy this “food” is. Especially for our growing children!! There are so many chemicals in this food! Choose real food! Apples, bananas, carrots, celery….those are real fast food.”This Is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food 2

The picture shows 4 chicken nuggets along with fries – all items looking a bit paler than they usually do but otherwise there’s hardly any other change. The receipt in the picture reads 8th January, 2010 however, there is no confirmation regarding the authenticity of the image.

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