Wonderful Engineering

With Lights On, This Room Looks Like Any Other Room. Turn Them Off And Whoa!

When the lights of this room are turned on, it looks a normal room with partially colored walls. But when you turn the lights off, voila! the room turns magical.  Basically, this is Bogi Fabians work on the walls which makes you feel like you have entered space or a new galaxy.

Fabians work is highlighted in the dark. People can not even imagine what wonders this wall consists of, unless the lights are turned off.

The artist busy in creating magic.

Its like you have entered the world of stars and galaxies

White bed covers and the walls covered with natural paintings glowing and leaving you amazed, awestruck!

And Rapunzel’s hair  were made to glow in the dark .

The artists loving what they are doing.

Here are some more examples of rooms glowing in the dark as a result of the glow-in-dark paint.  You can have your bed and other accessories of the room go with the colors of the walls in the dark. White is a really good option as shown in the picture below.

And some more cool designs from the same artist….

A Little effort can make your room full of subtle colors in the day and full of vibrant glowing colors in the dark; and trust me you would not want to turn on the lights with the effect the dark room provides you with.