Wonderful Engineering

From A Distance It Looks Like An Old Nazi Airfield. Take A Look Inside And It Will Blow You Away

Brand-Briesen Airfield was built back in 1938 at Krausnick, Germany as a Luftwaffe instalment. The airfield was commissioned as a hangar in 2000; however, the airship for which it was commissioned was never built. We consider it  good luck for Brand-Briesen Airfield because now it has been transformed into a Tropical Island Resort.

We decided to take our readers through a pictorial journey where they will be able to enjoy the amazing features that this Tropical Island Resort offers.

Yes, it has a beach.

No they didn’t forget the Waterslide.

Nor the Pool.

Children are Welcome at the Adventure Park

Camping, Anyone?

Cottages and Restaurants

A warm Shoreline



Hot Air Balloons

Rooms in a Canyon

Rainforest, Swimming and Jacuzzi

Specific Theme Areas

The Air temperature is kept constant at 26º C

Winter Holidays Should be Spent Here