Windows 12 Could Actually Arrive Much Sooner Than Expected As Microsoft Shakes Up The Release Schedule

Windows Central has dropped some impressive notifications regarding the release of the new Windows versions along with their updated features. Reports are circulating that Windows 12 might be expected in 2024, and Microsoft has planned to release its new versions of Windows once in every three years. Moreover, as far as the renewal of the features of the current versions is concerned, Microsoft has increased the frequency up to four times a year. Coupled with this, the matter of upgrading features for Windows 11 has also been in the talks.

According to the claims of Windows Central, Windows 12 would be coming in 2024, and that constitutes about three years since Windows 11 was revealed in 2021. However, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the news yet. One of the big talking points is that a staff member of Microsoft once made an unclear claim and said that “Windows 10 would be the last window”, but the release of Windows 11 in 2021 made these claims untrue and it was then predicted that “Windows 10 should be retired in 2025”.

Considering these reviews, it can be concluded that Microsoft has stepped up to make the updated features of Windows “common” for its users, which would be exciting news. Windows Central said that Microsoft is certainly not sitting on its hands and is contemplating the release of these features in the form of “moments” or “bundles” in various months of the year, hence increasing the frequency of its releases anytime soon. However, the exact release dates have not yet been specified by Microsoft.

But if we analyze the pattern for the release of updates, then usually it’s been around in the spring and fall, i.e., twice in a year, if seen from the historical pattern of Windows 10 and Windows 11. To that end, Microsoft stated in February that it is planning to release the new features for Windows according to the previous schedule, but this time with some new strategies. It has mentioned the use of “experience packs” that will automatically become apparent to Windows 11 users after the release. It has also been said that these features would increase the functionality of Windows 11, and especially business users will take great benefits from this.

As far as Windows 12 is concerned, if the reports from Windows Central are true, then we just have to wait for two years until we experience a brand-new window with a diverse range of functions.

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